Turn your Excel formulas into APIs, elegantly

No more passing spreadsheets around

  • Support 500+ functions, over 95%1 of those supported by Excel
  • High performance and low latency, as low as 5 milliseconds2
  • Highly compatible with Excel, and supports Macro and VBA3
  • Coming soonMulti-spreadsheet files cross-referencing
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Click or drag a spreadsheet file here to get started

  • Your file never persists on our servers, it expires in 15 minutes
  • Only you have access to the generated API with the unique key
  • You have the option to destroy the file and API before it expires
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How it Works

Step 1
Drag the spreadsheet file to open in SheetHub
Step 2
Right-click to mark input and output cells/ranges
Step 3
Fill in some input values, and launch your API 🚀
Step 4
Test your API in place, or copy the curl command to run in the terminal


How does SheetHub handle my spreadsheet file?

Your spreadsheet file is only kept in memory and is never persisted on the servers. In particular, an in-memory Redis server and medium=Memory emptyDirs are used to temporarily cache the spreadsheet file to support the functionality of the API. Besides, Redis TTL and k8s-ttl-controller are used to ensure the file is auto-deleted after 15 minutes.

What's the limitation of the API?

Rate limit: 1 request per second. If you need unlimited access, please contact us through the methods below.


If you find this service useful, please contact us for a paid plan with unlimited access, or an on-premise deployment on your infrastructure

Get noticed when we open to public: